30cc - NGH GF30


NGH GF30 30cc 4-stroke rc model gas engine (2.7hp,1265gr)

 GF30 4-Stroke Gas Engine with side exhaust.

 Output Power  

 2.7hp/2.1kW @9000 omw/min          


 15x10 .. 17x10


 1365gr Including muffler

  Delivery includes: spark plug, ignition and exhaust.


IBEF Ignition Battery Eliminating Filter, WIKE R/C, Down and Locked

This device from WIKE R/C Products will allow you to safe the weight of an extra ignition battery and provides an integrated engine kill switch.The IBEF is designed to be plugged into the receiver and run the ignition from the receiver batteries or power system. Ignition power can be turned on and off by assigning the channel the IBEF is plugged into to a 2 position switch. A spare receiver channel is needed to use this switch.  A remote mountable led is included to indicate ignition arming status.


16x8 - 16x12" Morpower variable Pitch 3-blade carbon scale propellor

Carbon Fiber Propellor with Variable Pitch from 16x8" to 16x12".

Designed for Scale Model Airplanes.

For engines between 25 - 35 cc


17x10" Biela 2-blade carbon propellor (Hamilton Logo)

For engines between 18 - 25 cc, including Hamilton logo.


18x8" Biela 2-blade carbon semi scale propellor (Hamilton Logo)

For engines between 20 - 25 cc, including Hamilton logo.


Starter for engines upto 80cc

Heavy duty starter for engines upto 80cc.

Gear down (6:1) gives this engine a very high torque.

Bevat een extra groot start rubber en dus geschikt voor grote spinners. Start zeer eenvoudig b.v. 65cc motoren.

iMAX B6AC+ Universele Batterij lader (220V / 12V). Nieuwste versie.

Geavanceerde lader voor LiFe, LiPo, Li-Ion, Pb, NiMh en NiCd.

Lader geschikt voor 220V AC en 12V DC ingangsspanning. 

Zowel op- als ontladen van batterijen. Inclusief balanceren van LiFe, LiPo en Li-Ion cellen door middel van JST-XH balanceer connector. Geschikt voor 1-6 cellen LiFe, LiPo en 1-15 cellen NiMh, NiCd.

CM6 Irridium Spark Plug

CM6 10mm Irridium Spark plug for gas engines from DLE, DLA, RCGF, NGH etc.