BigPlanes has selected a dedicated range of high quality, high torque and robust servos which will match the requirements of big planes. Both from SPRINGRC as well as from HD.

Most servos have double ball bearings and full metal gears. The digital servos often have a coreless motor.

Metal gear servos with double ball bearings are offered to withstand the heavy vibration and provide the high torque needed for big planes. The coreless motor provide a faster, more accurate and better responsive servo compared to a traditional motor.

The Spring servos contain a tough quality casing. The aluminium mesochife casing is the high-end series and the most rugged version. Special rubber seals are used to protect the servo from dust and grime. The SPRINGRC servos are affordable and well known about their excellent quality.


SM-S4505B Generic Fast Analog (4.3 kg / 0.12 sec / 39 gr)


SM-S4306B Generic Analog (5.6 kg / 0.18 sec / 45 gr)


SM-S4309M Strong Analog (9.8 kg / 0.16 sec / 60 gr)


Fi7614M HV Programmable Digital (14.5 kg / 0.11 sec / 56 gr / 6 - 8.4V)