30cc - DLE, DLA


DLE30 30cc rc model gas engine (3.7hp, 1100gr)


DLA32 New 32cc rc model gas engine (3.8hp, 1080gr)


TP33 33cc Torqpro rc model gas engine (3.9hp, 1090gr)


Elektrische starter voor in het model (DLE30, EME35), auto start kit


IBEF Ignition Battery Eliminating Filter, WIKE R/C, Down and Locked


(ROTO, RCGF, DLE etc) ALU Air Intake Horn Tube or Velocity Stack Small


CM6 Irridium Spark Plug


Boormal voor DLE30/35/55, EME70, TP-60/70, RCGF32/55/65


Pitts Style Muffler DLE30, EME35


Krumscheid Exhaust manifold with 2 bended sections 26 .. 35cc


Exhaust manifold double bended 30 .. 60cc, DLE30, DLE60, EME35


Krumscheid Canister Muffler, tot 50 cc


Krumscheid Canister Muffler with smoker, tot 50 cc


Krumscheid Canister Muffler, straight, tot 18 cc


Krumscheid Canister Muffler, bended tot 18 cc


Kijk naar o.a. Krumscheid geluidsdempers voor de mogelijkheden.


18x10 Biela 4-blade carbon semi scale propellor (Hamilton Logo)


18x10 Biela 3-blade carbon semi scale propellor (Hamilton Logo)


18x10 Biela 2-blade carbon semi scale propellor (Hamilton Logo)


18x10 Biela 2-blade carbon propellor (Biela Logo)


Spanningsregelaar 5 of 6V, 3A voor 2-6 cells LiPo


iMAX B6AC+ Universele Batterij lader (220V / 12V). Nieuwste versie.


Elektrische starter voor motoren tot 80cc


RCeXL (90 degree cap) Ignition for CM-6 spark plug


DLE30 Engine Spare Parts


DLE30 Propwasher (1)


DLE30 Prop Bolts (2)


DLE30 Propeller Hub (3)


DLE30 Bearing 6001 (4)


DLE30 Crankcase (5)


DLE30 Crankcase set with side carburetor


DLE30 Crankshaft Casing (6)


DLE30 Bearing 6002 (7)


DLE30 Woodruff key (8)


DLE30 Crankshaft (9)


DLE30 Gasket Set (10,12,16,24,30)


DLE30 Carburetor heat Block (11)


DLE30 Admission Valve (13,14,15)


DLE30 Carburetor (17)


DLE30 Engine Mount (18)


DLE30 Needle bearing (19)


DLE30 Piston Set (20,21,22)


DLE30 Piston Pin (21)


DLE30 Piston G Clamps (22)


DLE30 Piston Ring (23)


DLE30 Cylinder (25)


DLE30 Sensor (29)


DLE30 Muffler (31)


DLA32 Crankcase


DLE30 Screws (34)