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DLA Engine DLA32 gas engine for rc model airplanes.

 Output Power  





 910g/1080g (excl./incl. muffler and ignition)

  Delivery includes: spark plug and ignition.


 Technical  Specification:  
 Displacement                     (Cylinder Inhoud)  32                                 ccm                   

 Output Power                                (Vermogen) 

 3.8   hp
 2.8   kW 
 Thrust                                      (Trekkracht)  9.3  kg 
 Bore x Stroke  38 x 30  mm
 Speed Range                              (Toerental)  1500 - 9000  rpm (omw/min) 
 Propeller  18x8 .. 20x8  inch 
 Ignition power supply   (Spanning ontsteking)  7.2 - 8.4  Volt
 Prop shaft / Spinner bolt  10mm / M5 - 5mm  mm
 Gas/Oil mix ratio       (Brandstof verhouding)  30 : 1  gas : oil
 Engine (incl. prop and engine mounting)  1080  gram
 Muffler  66  gram 
 Ignition  130  gram 
 User Manual           (Gebruikers Handleiding)  
 Afstellen Ontsteking  Zie item: Afstellen ontsteking
 Link to manufacturer  

The engine requires a fuel/oil mix between 25:1 and 40:1 (recommended : 30:1). Use two stroke engine oil.


Engine-flange (exhaust) dimensions are equal to DLE30 so all exhaust for DLE30 can be used. 

The propellor drill jig is equal to the one used for the DLE30.


DLA32 delivery overview:


DLA32 engine dimensions:


Some detailed pictures of the DLA32 32cc gas engine:


Engine-flange (exhaust) dimensions are equal to DLE30 so all exhaust for DLE30 can be used.


Exploded view:



Important Notice: You must read the warranty and operating instructions that are provided with the engine. Any modification of or disassembly of the engine while under warranty will VOID the warranty. If you have an engine that does not run properly please contact us. DO NOT take the engine apart as this will VOID the Warranty. Crash damage is NOT covered under warranty. The warranty is from DLA engines and NOT BigPlanes. We are a Dutch distributor for DLA. This warranty applies only to DLA products purchased from BigPlanes. If you have to return the engine, please retain a copy of its serial number.



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