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ESM Retracts: including tires with aluminium hubs, struts and generation 4 electric retract system version 2 with new controller.

Best in class retracts for e.g. the P-51B and P-51D 20cc.

ESM new Version 4 Electric Retract kits include retract units, struts, tires with aluminum hubs (tailwheel has plastic hub), and mounting hardware.

Main tires included with the P-51 electric retracts are 4" and the tail wheel is 1.75".




  • Use Loctite on the screws of the retract system
  • Keep the drive screw lubricated with oil to prevent binding.


Let op:

  • Gebruik loctite voor de schroeven van de retract set
  • Zorg ervoor dat de aandrijfschroef geolied blijft anders kan deze vastlopen