New Container arrived:

Many Goldwing, TOPRC and CYMODEL models are available again. Including many aerobatic models like SLICK, EXTRA, SBACH, CORVUS, SUKHOI, PITTS as well as the new TOPRC FW-190, Hawker Hunter and the CYMODEL Aeronca C-3 etc.

Model Selection:









Below the flow is given of how a model could be configured:

  1. Start with the selection of the model
  2. Select the required retract set
  3. look for a proper spinner
  4. Find the correct Pilot
  5. Select the related prop
  6. Select a gas engine or electric motor
  7. Select the servo's

Scale Retract systems
Scale Spinners
Scale Pilot Figures
Scale Propellors
Gas Engines

Below an overview is given of some new models which are added. Go for a full overview to the planes sections: Goldwing, Cymodel, TWM, ESM and TOPRC.


Odyssey Sport Jet Blue/Silver Full Composite (219cm, Turbine 12kg) TOPRC Model


Focke Wulf FW-190 A8 (234cm, 11kg, 80cc) TOPRC Model


Hawker Hunter Full Composite (177cm, Turbine 14kg) TOPRC Model


JUKA Sport Model Siver/Black (213cm, 50cc) CYMODEL


EXTRA330SC 50E (145cm, 2.2kg, 50E) Red/Silver Goldwing


SBACH342 V4 (186cm, 4.5kg, 120E) Goldwing


SLICK540 (173cm, 3.5kg, 20cc) Yellow Goldwing


PITTS Python V4 (153cm, 4.5kg, 30cc) Red Goldwing


YAK55M (186cm, 4.5kg, 30cc) Red Goldwing


SU26 V4 (187cm, 4.5kg, 30cc) Black Goldwing


SBACH342 V4 (186cm, 4.5kg, 30cc) Blue Goldwing


CORVUS Extreme V4 (183cm, 4.5kg, 35cc) White Goldwing


CORVUS Racer 540 V4 (227cm, 7.5kg, 50cc) White Goldwing


CORVUS Racer 540 V4 (277cm, 12kg, 120cc) Red Goldwing


SLICK540 V4 (267cm, 13kg, 120cc) Blue Goldwing